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 New Jet Valves
Rotary Valves 
TS9000 Series
TS9200 Series
TS7000 Series (IMP)
TS5000DMP Disposable Material Path
Spray Valves
Spool Valves 
 TS5520 Series
TS5540 Series
TS941 Series
TS5322 Series

Needle Valves
Diaphragm Valves
TS5420 Adjustable Series
TS5440 Microshot Series 
TS5620 Series
TS5623 HandHeld Series

Pinch Tube Valves
TS1201 Hand Held

TS1258 Pressure Tank
TS1254 Pressure Tank
TS918-46 4-Way Manifold
 Production Mater Stand
Valve Spares
Compression Fittings & Tubes
 Metal Needle Adapter
Tubing TSD126 Series 
Plastic Luer Lock Adapter 

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