Manual Syringe Dispensing Gun

Manual Syringe Dispensing Gun - TS755SG

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The TS700 Series manual syringe gun is a lightweight, hand-held, manually operated dispenser designed for dispensing fluid from pre-filled syringes. This TS755SG dispenser provides excellent control and is a cost-effective way to dispense fluid. Available in 10, 30 and 55cc sizes, the gun is simple to setup and easy to use. This product requires no pneumatics, battery or electrical power.

The Syringe Gun includes:

  • Gun handle
  • Push rod
  • Sample syringe
  • Sample piston
  • Sample tip cap
  • Simple to setup and easy to use
  • Ergonomic
  • Compact size and weight
  • Full-hand trigger minimizes operator fatigue
  • No tools required
  • Compatible with 10CC, 30CC and 55CC syringe
  • Dispensing solder paste
  • Dispensing Flux
  • Dispensing UV adhesive
  1. Press the lock button (#2) and insert the push rod (#3) to the gun body; make sure the push rod is pushed all the way back
  2. Insert the syringe barrel assembly (#1) into the gun assembly and turn clockwise to lock
  3. Install the dispense tip to the syringe barrel outlet
  4. Squeeze the trigger (#4) to start dispensing
  5. Press the lock button and pull the push rob back to remove the syringe barrel assembly

Gun Assembly

Item #

Replacement Component


TS710SG 1 71000ROD Push Rod, 10cc
2 7100009W Piston, 10cc
3 7100LL1N Barrel, 10cc
4 7015LL Tip Cap
TS730SG 1 73000ROD Push Rod, 30cc/55cc
2 7300009W Piston, 30cc
3 7300LL1N Barrel, 30cc
4 7015LL Tip Cap
TS755SG 1 75500ROD-C Push Rod, 55cc
2 7300009W Piston, 30cc/55cc
3 7550LL1N Barrel, 55cc
4 7015LL Tip Cap

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