Air Powered Pistons

Pistons ensure that the pressure is evenly spread across the fluid surface to provide consistent dispensing. Wiper seal pistons prevent dripping and eliminate material waste by wiping the syringe barrel wall clean as fluid is dispensed. Maximum operating pressure is 100psi (6.9bar).

"Easy Flow" Pistons (blue) are recommended for most general applications and they ensure no material residue is left on the syringe barrel walls while dispensing.
Wiper Pistons (white) are a tighter fit for use with very low viscosity fluid or with mechanical devices such as the TS700 manual syringe gun to prevent leakage past the double wiping edges.
Straight Wall Pistons (red) are recommended for reduced stringing and "bouncing" with high viscosity products.

.For quantities of 50 pieces use:

  Size Easy Flow - Blue  Tight Wiper - White Straight Wall - Red
   3 cc 7030007BLPK 7030009WPK 7030006RPK
  5 cc  7050007BLPK 7050009WPK 7050006RPK
  10 cc 7100007BLPK 7100009WPK 7100006RPK
  30 - 55 cc 7300007BLPK 7300009WPK 7300006RPK


For bulk quantities, use: Ending number indicates bulk quantity (i.e. -1000 = 1000 pieces)

  Size Easy Flow - Blue  Tight Wiper - White Straight Wall - Red
   3 cc 7030007BL-1000 7030009W-1000 7030006R-1000
  5 cc 




  10 cc




  30 - 55 cc