SMART Valve Controller IoT Software

How to install OKI_IoT LAN:

1. Unzip this link file to your thumb drive. 

2. Plug this thumb drive into the computer that you want to install. Open OKI_IoT folder then double click on install.bat. Make sure to select Complete and uncheck Compass during MongoDB installation. If you miss this step, you just install stuff on the machine that you don’t need and of course it will take a few minutes longer to complete the installation. 

How to run OKI_IoT LAN:

1. To run the server, double click on C:\OKI_IoT\runhost.bat in Windows Explorer.

2. To view or change valve controller, open browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, etc.) then type in localhost:8090. Please don’t forget to input the server IP address to the controller.