Dispensing Valves

Techcon is an industry leader in fluid dispensing innovation. Our selection of fluid dispensing valves provides reliability and accuracy in fluid control. We offer the top engineering for handheld valves, precision micro-shot dispensing, and valves that can handle a range of materials.

Quality Valves and Accessories

The Techcon line includes a wide variety of valves in order to meet your fluid control requirements, as well as the essential accessories:

  • Compression fittings and tubing
  • Lock adapters, fluid lines and fittings
  • Stands and mounting rods
  • Retaining brackets
  • Rod clamp assemblies
  • Valve controllers
  • Tanks and reservoirs
  • Material path inserts

Below are the high speed jet tech valves to precision spray valvesspool valvesdiaphragm valvesneedle valves, they are easily maintained disposable material path valves for use with difficult materials.