Rotary Valves

Developed in 1987 by Techcon, a division of OK International, this method uses a rotary feed screw (auger) coupled with a precision DC motor to dispense fluid with a rotary displacement action. The unique design ensures fluid is constantly present at the feed screw inlet while the controlled rotation of the feed screw dispenses fluid from the feed point out to the dispense tip. Dot size of 0.010” (0.25 mm) in diameter can be achieved with high percentage of repeatability rate.

Due to its versatility, high accuracy and easy to setup, the TS5000 series rotary valve is the prefer choice in the electronics industry. It can dispense virtually any fluid that has viscosity of 30,000 cps or higher, including difficult material to dispense like solder paste. In fact it is the only valve that can dispense solder paste consistently.