Needle Valves

For applications that required micro dot size (less than 0.002CC), the microshot needle valve is an ideal choice. Shot size as small as 0.0005 CC can be easily achieved thanks to the unique designed of the shut off mechanism located inside the dispense tip that virtually eliminate the “dead fluid” volume.

Smallest needle size of 32 gauge can be used without dripping between dispense cycles. The needle valve is a pneumatically triggered single-acting valve. Air pressure signal lifts the piston-driven needle away from its seat, allowing fluid under pressure to flow through. When the cycle is completed, the internal compression spring pushed the needle back in the closed position.

Higher viscosity fluid, up to 100,000 cps, can be dispensed accurately with this valve. However moisture sensitive fluid and quick curing adhesives are not to be used. Some recommended fluid are UV adhesive, solvents, inks, oils, primers, activators...

Typical applications include: dispense small amount of UV adhesive to bond speaker of the hearing aid device, dispense a small dot of ink for marking application.