Techkit Injection

Techkit, Taped Barrier, 8 oz., Plunger, Flange Cap, 600-310 Head, 800-100 Rod


Techkit, Taped Barrier, 8 oz., Plunger, Flange Cap, 600-310 Head, 800-100 Rod. The Techkit is a compact and simple method of packaging two or three component resin systems into a 2.5oz (74ml), 6oz (177ml), 8oz (237ml), 20oz (591ml) or 1/10 gallon (325ml) cartridge. The kit mechanically separates the base and hardener until they are ready to be used. An internal mixing head provides a thorough blend for all types of compounds. Use with Techcon Systems cartridge dispensing guns. When the job has been completed, the entire package is disposed of: no clean up or physical contact with the resin.

Cost savings are achieved by reducing labor and material waste. Reliability is increased with accurate compound ratios, complete mixing and proper application techniques.

Three types of kits are available: Barrier, Injection and Barrier/Injection types.
Barrier Type
For compounds with a volumetric ratio greater than 10 parts per 100. The catalyst and base are separated by an aluminum barrier formed over the mixing head.
Injection Type
For compounds with a volumetric ratio of 10 parts or less per 100. The catalyst is contained inside the valved mixing rod while the base is in the cartridge.
Barrier/Injection Type
For three component compounds, components of both Injection and Barrier are combined.

Product Comprises of:

Cartridge, impellor, mixer rod, plunger, end cap


2.5 oz. = 74ml
6.0 oz. = 177ml
8.0 oz. = 237 ml
20.0 oz. = 591 ml
1/10 gallon = 325 ml

Techcon offers a fluid dispensing system that will meet your specific needs. If you need help choosing a system or components or have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us using the information below.

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