2K Packaging

The 2K packaging products from Techcon are engineered for precise materials mixing and dispensing, manual and automatic techkit cartridge mixers, cartridge dispensing guns. Our techkit efficiently separates materials until they are ready for mixing and then completes a thorough blend.

Benefits to Techcon Techkits

Our techkits reduce labor and materials waste while increasing accuracy. Other helpful benefits to our products include:

  • Techkits provide more reliable mixing results than other methods.
  • Using techkits eliminates contact with materials and time-consuming clean up after mixing.
  • The techkit mixer simplifies packaging by reducing strain and fatigue in the compound mixing process.
  • We also offer compatible components and quality sealant and smoothing tools.

Our team of specialists at Techcon is qualified to answer your questions about materials mixing and packaging products.  Contact us with your questions by email, phone or form using the information.