2-Component Mix And Dispense Systems

The new TSM50BP, TSM50FR and TSM120FR mix and dispense systems can be configured to provide fixed ratio mixing and metering from 1:1 to 10:1 ratio. These machines are pneumatically powered and utilizing positive displacement pump technology to ensures repeatable, accurate volumetric metering, mixing and dispensing of low to medium viscosity or thixotropic two-part resin systems.

The TSM50BP is a basic machine with foot switch activation while the TS50FR and TS120FR is PCL controlled.

The TSM50FR is capable of dispensing (depending on ratio) mixed material from 1 to 50cc. The TSM120FR will dispense from 5 to 120cc to within +/- 1% volumetric accuracy.

The mix and dispense systems can be used in bonding, encapsulation, potting, sealing and insulating applications for all industries.